#4 best Amazing facts that you have never know

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You must have seen crores of vehicles being scraped in a few seconds.So hardly you have heard from anyone in India till date whose bike or car got scrapped.The process of separating the parts of a vehicle and completely damaging it is called vehicle scraping.Now a policy has been made on the process of scrapping the vehicle in India.

But the question arises that wherever our vehicles are sold till fifth hand.Will we scrap our vehicles by taking them to the scrap center in such a situation?In countries where people scrap their car by paying money and their government gives them tax relaxation on the next car.Will people in our country also scrap up their car to get tax relaxation on the next car?Will definitely tell in the comment section.And do visit our website to know more such amazing facts.

Fact No

Friends, once Sony company made a Vokeman.Which is a kind of MP3 player.Now the special thing in that vokeman with 4GB storage with the best part was that it was waterproof.Sony company wanted to advertise this product in some special way.Therefore, an experiment was performed in which a glass and a voter were taken in which these Walkmans were inserted so that whenever a person comes to their stores, their attention will definitely be on this thing.

This is what Sony wanted and this is what happened, people started taking this product after seeing that thing and gradually the rest of this product grows day by day, how did you feel knowing this amazing fact.Do tell in the comment section and do share this information with your friends in your clicks.

Fact No

Friends, in 1990, a person living in Delhi bought 20000 shares of MRF at the rate of ₹ 10 and after buying that lion, the man was paralyzed for 10 years and when after 10 years the man was cured and that man  Told his grandson to go and find out the share rate of MRF, then when that grandson told his grandfather that now the MRF share price is 70000.

The man was surprised and he never thought that after 10 years so much the price will be of these balances.This is called power of investment, do you want to invest, if you want to do it, first of all, wait about that thing and then compare that thing with other things, if you only feel that yes, this is just me.  If you want, you can definately window and after that keep it safe and when its value increases then you can sell that lion and become a millionaire.

Fact No

If today Amazon has become a one billion dollar company, then what happened on day 1 because of Jeff Bezos idea.A customer filed a complaint that an employees of Amazon do not treat them in the same way, then he wants money. 

At the same time a notice was issued and writing in it saying that point one 7 lakh will be given who will leave from amazon, then at the same time ten percent of the employees left the job because Jeff Bezos did not think that those 10 percent people did not want his company submerge it and it only wanted value people.

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